How to Maintain Your Hot Tub with the Help of Capital Hot Tubs

All hot tubs require a certain level of maintenance, no matter how luxurious they may be. While this maintenance can take a bit of time and effort, it’s vital for ensuring your hot tub remains safe, clean, and comfortable for you and your guests.

Regular hot tub maintenance can not only keep your hot tub in good working condition year-round, but also make it less likely that you’ll have to deal with costly repairs in the future. And proper maintenance helps your hot tub last as long as possible.

Fortunately, you don’t have to keep up with hot tub maintenance on your own. Capital Hot Tubs offers hot tub maintenance services that put this important work into the hands of trained professionals, so you can focus on the best parts of hot tub ownership. 

But what exactly does hot tub maintenance involve? Take a look at these essential steps in maintaining your hot tub.

Check Your Filters Often

Your hot tub can do a great job of keeping itself clean and safe all on its own by constantly filtering the water through its circulation system. However, the filtration system must be working properly for this to happen. Cleaning your filters monthly is key, and so is replacing them about once a year. 

Hot tubs that see heavy use may need to have their filters cleaned and replaced more frequently. Make sure to check your filters regularly to prevent clogging and other problems.

Watch Your Water Chemistry

As with pools, it’s crucial to ensure your hot tub’s water remains balanced in order to continue safely and comfortably using it. In fact, this task can be even more important in hot tubs, as there’s far less water in them, making them potentially easier to contaminate. 

Hot tub water should be tested a few times a week to keep sanitizer and pH levels optimal. It’s also a good idea to maintain a decent stock of the necessary chemicals in the event that your water’s chemistry is off. 

It’s much simpler to deal with small adjustments than big ones when it comes to balancing your water, so try to stay on top of monitoring it.

Stay on Top of Cleaning

Even the finest filtration system is not going to keep your hot tub perfectly clean forever. You can keep your water sparkling by adding a couple of cleaning tasks to your maintenance routine.

Regularly skim any large debris from your water to help prevent filter clogs. You will also want to make sure you perform a full drain and clean of your hot tub a few times a year. It’s recommended that you do this about once every three or four months, but if the hot tub is seeing heavy use, then you may want to consider draining it more frequently.

Consider Professional Hot Tub Maintenance

Leaving your hot tub’s maintenance to a professional, like those at Capital Hot Tubs, can be the most convenient option. We’ll send a highly trained professional to take a look at your hot tub at regular intervals and perform all of the necessary tasks to keep your hot tub looking and functioning at its best.

Your hot tub tech will check to ensure that there is no damage to your hot tub and all the electronic components are working properly. If they do find any potential issues, they can provide a simple fix well before it becomes a complicated one. 

Putting maintenance tasks like cleaning your filters, balancing your water chemistry, and draining and cleaning your tub in the hands of a professional hot tub technician can take those burdens off your shoulders, so you can have more time to enjoy your hot tub. 

Reliable Hot Tub Maintenance Services from Capital Hot Tubs

When you keep a well-maintained hot tub, you can save money in the long run by avoiding extensive repairs or early replacement. Capital Hot Tubs can keep your hot tub in perfect running order, so you don’t have to. We take pride in providing outstanding service to all of our customers in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. 

To learn more about our services, contact us today.


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