How the Nordic Design of Finnleo Outdoor Saunas Create Backyard Beauty, Especially in the Winter

If you’ve been finding it challenging to enjoy yourself this winter, maybe it’s time to lean into the season instead of pushing against it. Part of making winter more enjoyable is seeking out its natural beauty. And if you’re still having difficulty finding it, it might be time to take inspiration from the design of a Finnleo Sauna. 

One of the most fantastic examples of Nordic beauty is the Finnleo NorthStar series outdoor saunas. And now you can bring the comfort of these timeless pieces directly to your backyard.

The Outdoor Sauna Experience

NorthStar Outdoor Sauna NSO-56 by Finnleo at Capital Hot Tubs

Before getting into the intricacies of these unique designs, you should familiarize yourself with all the benefits of owning an outdoor sauna. A personal sauna in your backyard is an investment in your physical and mental well-being. You can hit the pause button on your busy life and transport yourself to a dense, tranquil forest all by entering one of the Finnleo outdoor saunas.

But saunas are also rejuvenating for a tired body. Winter can bring a lot of mental and physical fatigue, but sitting in a sauna can improve your breathing, ease achy muscles, and boost your mood. Mental health directly impacts physical health, so caring for both is vital for a well-rounded lifestyle.

Escapism at Its Finest

Everyone has those moments where they want to hide from it all and take some time for themselves. It’s a crucial part of self-care, and you should have an easy and enjoyable way to unplug from your everyday stressors.

Finnleo outdoor saunas paint a landscape of pure bliss and relaxation. Build a getaway that lets you fully disconnect and enter a new world. You can enjoy the typical functions of a high-quality outdoor sauna with unreal aesthetics that take the experience to new heights.

The Regal Beauty of Nordic White Spruce

The NorthStar Sauna features Nordic white spruce lumber. The coloring of this wood is beautifully clean and contemporary while still having that Nordic charm you’re looking for. But there’s much more beyond the beautiful looks of these saunas. For Finnleo, finding time to relax in your sauna should be a sensory experience.

The wood already has a heady, forest scent thanks to the spruce. But when activated from use, the sauna comes alive with a fresh yet subtle smell that’s pleasing without distraction. 

Customize Your Sauna Experience

Finnleo knows how to find ways to enhance a sauna to give you the best possible experience. That’s why there are multiple customization options, including adding changing rooms, showers, and other unique elements that make your sauna truly yours.

Whatever you add can be decorative or functional — the choice is yours. Either way, you know that the experts at Finnleo will deliver whatever you envision for your backyard sauna.

Invest in the Best

NorthStar Outdoor Sauna NSO-57 by Finnleo at Capital Hot Tubs

Maybe you’re not sold on getting a hot tub or swim spa, but you still want something in your backyard beyond a patio or flowerbeds. An outdoor sauna can be an excellent investment for a homeowner looking for a unique, aesthetically pleasing way to relax that doesn’t expose them to any of the winter cold.

And since you’re going with the classic designs from Finnleo, you’re getting the best in the industry. These saunas are thoughtfully built, with every detail carefully considered and addressed to maximize your enjoyment.

Bring a Touch of Nature to Your Backyard

Not every backyard is filled with lush greenery. Those with large backyards who still live in cities might long for a way to reconnect with nature but don’t know how. The Finnleo design aesthetic brings the forest to you. A backyard sauna makes it easy to disengage from the intensity of city living, slip away into a quiet environment, and focus on yourself.

Nature is healing, and spending time around the Nordic spruce emphasizes this even more. Give yourself the gift of healthier living by bringing nature back into your life.

Get Inspired by Finnleo

Find a way to embrace the beauty of winter this season with a Finnelo outdoor sauna. Reach out to the team at Capital Hot Tubs to learn more about how we can help you get the custom Scandinavian sauna of your dreams.

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