Why Hot Tub Expos are a Scam








Warning: Upcoming Hot Tub & Swim Spa Blowout Expo
Howard County Fairgrounds
2210 Fairgrounds Rd, West Friendship, MD 21794

February 7th – 9th, 2020 

The Many Problems with Hot Tub & Swim Spa Expos:

These “Expos” imply there are many brands. This is not true. Only one manufacturer. Do your research.

Capital Hot Tubs & Saunas sells Hot Springs hot tubs, Freeflow hot tubs, and Endless Pools Swim Spas. These are the best brands with the best reviews. See for yourself: https://capitalhottubs.com/reviews/


At a hot tub expo there are no local dealers to support your purchase. Unfortunately, once you purchase their products, you will be left in the dark about how to use the product and who you should call when you have a problem.

Capital Hot Tubs & Saunas has 3 locations with only Factory-trained Master Technicians to help you enjoy your hot tub or swim spa.


These high-pressure, professionally-trained traveling salespeople are only there for 3 days to get your deposit. If they don’t get you to buy, they don’t get paid. They don’t care about the quality of the product, and after the sale customers typically find they are left in the dust.

At Capital Hot Tubs & Saunas, we have low-pressure salespeople that take their time to get to know your needs & wants. We will do everything to get a hot tub & swim spa in your backyard, including building a base, delivering your products and accessories to the exact spot, working with local electricians and contractors on the timing of the project and helping you after the delivery to understand the features and water care operation.


The Spa Expo has gotten really bad reviews. Read what other consumers have written:

Elizabeth of Castro Valley, CA Verified Reviewer – www.consumeraffairs.com Original review: April 15, 2018
“We had purchased a Master Swim Spa at a fair expo. Feb 2018, I unfortunately have a Health issue. My central nervous system has been injured per a Surgery I had. Warm aqua therapy has been the best therapy for me. So my husband decided instead of paying for me to go to physical therapy pool and paying he would buy us a swim spa. We purchased it at fair. All went great. 2 wks went by no calls. We started calling always, “It’s snowing call back etc etc.” We were told we needed to pay 1/2 to get date for delivery so we did.”

Hottbsadness, https://www.whatsthebest-hottub.com/reviews/master-spas/235-0-1.html
“First of all, the so called spa expo is a joke and false advertising. There are no bbqs and it’s only one brand of spa. Literally every other sentence out of the sales guy’s mouth was a lie. They say you don’t need chemicals because of their patented filter. This is a complete and total lie. If you don’t add chemicals pretty much daily, the water gets gross. After getting a bacterial infection my doctor told me to stop using the hot tub

I did some digging and it’s master pool and spa out of Minnesota, not factory direct like they claim. They have lots of bad reviews.

They said they have local service. After a $175 “trip charge” and 3 weeks later, that was shown to be a lie. I could go on and on about the nightmare this has been. Do yourself a favor and run away if a salesman says master spas.”

Capital Hot Tubs & Saunas is proud to have over 300 online review with a 4.9/5.0 Google rating. Here are just a few:

Colonel Kenneth K. Gattis-Antolik
“My partner and I did an extensive research on hot-tubs and had several vendors at our house. I finally called Capital Hot-Tub and spoke to John, a representative of the aforementioned. We found that John, a representative from the Capital Hot Tub was very professional and answered all questions that we had. Furthermore, we did not get the high pressured sale tactics from Capital Hot Tub as we did from other vendors. In addition, they delivered the hot tub to my residence promptly and professionally without any incidentals. I highly recommend Capital Hot Tub for anyone looking for a positive buying experience. Ask for John Homan!”

Susan T.
“I purchased my first Hot Springs spa in the mi-1980’s. After >20 years, I replaced it with a Jetsetter. Throughout the years service has been superb!”

Michelle G.
“We had an amazing experience at Capital Hot Tubs and we are so excited about our purchase. The decision making and sales process was relaxed and Alex was very patient with us as we asked millions of questions. It’s really nice to walk into a retail establishment where they aren’t super pushy or snake-oiley or annoying…instead, Alex was lovely to work with, and answered our questions honestly and thoroughly. We highly recommend Capital Hot Tubs!”

Hot Tub & Swim Spa Expos are well known throughout the industry to be a scam. We hate to see people being taken advantage of and left with a poor quality hot tub that becomes more of a burden than a stress reliever. Save yourself the money, time & frustration and avoid these expos at all costs.

At Capital Hot Tubs & Saunas we want to understand your current and future wants in a hot tub or swim spa. We’ll come to your home to do a personal consultation, we’ll help you decide the best spot for placement, we’ll discuss different water care options, including Hot Spring’s Freshwater Salt System, and we’ll guide you through the delivery process. Call us at any one of our 3 locations. 301-607-4670

We are currently running a Promotion & would love to talk with you about finding the best hot tub, swim spa, or sauna for your life!
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