Use Your Portable Spa to Relax, Hot Tubs Washington DC

Stress has a unique way of taking over our lives. Unfortunately, it can be extremely tough to get rid of. Relaxation can help, giving the body time to calm down, relieve tension pain and feel better.
Here are three smart ways to use a hot tub to relax.

Can a Sauna Really Do That? Sauna Sale Washington DC

It feels sensational to let heat envelop the body, especially when muscles and joints ache.
But aside from relieving muscle pain, what else can a sauna do? Here are three unique benefits from sauna bathing that you may not know about.

Ease Stress and Improve Health With a Lap Pool, Swim Spas Washington DC

With hectic schedules and little rest, many of us are looking for solutions. Rather than spend time and money at the gym, have you considered a swim spa?
Here’s how to ease stress and improve health simply by using a swim spa.

Soak in a Sauna for Natural Pain Relief, Saunas Gaithersburg

Millions of people today live with chronic pain, preventing them from being their best. Rather than reaching for medication, many people are finding relief from heat bathing. Here’s how to use a sauna for all natural pain relief.

Boost Confidence in a Spa, Hot Tubs Gaithersburg

A healthy, happy and confident you can accomplish more. While self-help books may offer support, the fastest way to be more self-assured is through health and happiness. Here are three exciting ways a hot tub can boost your confidence.

Tips for a More Romantic Relationship, Gaithersburg Sauna Sale

Capital Hot Tubs and Saunas serving Gaithersburg, Rockville and Clarksburg, Maryland and Fairfax, Virginia shares tips for a romantic relationship.

“Romance is important all the time during a relationship, not just one day a year. There are many simple ways to keep love burning, no matter how busy or fast-paced life is”, said Patty Mahoney, of Capital Hot Tubs.

Here are three simple tips for a more romantic relationship.

Ease Stress, Relieve Pain in a Spa, Hot Tub Sale Frederick

For millions of people, frequent aches and pains make it tough to get through the day. Rather than reach for medication, some people are using hydrotherapy for relief, and they’re doing it from home. Here’s how to ease stress and relieve pain in the hot tub.

3 Amazing Sauna Benefits, Frederick Sauna Sale

Most people know that lounging in a sauna is good for you, but few people understand why. With improved health and wellness, relaxation and entertainment, the modern sauna has much to offer. Here are three amazing benefits from using a sauna.

Tips for the New Year - Hot Tub, Sauna Sale Frederick

Capital Hot Tubs and Saunas serving Frederick, Rockville and Clarksburg, Maryland and Fairfax, Virginia shares self-improvement tips for the New Year.

“Working on self-improvement can make a difference in all aspects of life. Those changes do not have to be huge to have an impact”, said Patty Mahoney, of Capital Hot Tubs.

Here are 3 easy self-improvement tips for the New Year that can create big changes for the better.

How to Use Your Hot Tub in the Winter - Used Spas Silver Spring

A soak in warm, massaging water feels terrific any time of year, but in the midst of winter, it’s exhilarating. The contrast between chilly outdoor air and the heat of the spa curbs pain, relaxes and restores vitality into tired, sore muscles and joints.

Here’s how to use your hot tub in the winter.